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Playing to Win in Business is a Grand Slam…

A colleague of mine, Kathleen Ziegler, just wrote a very nice blog on her LinkedIn page about “Playing to Win in Business.”  I present it to you below, and invite you to connect with Kathleen:


Playing to Win in Business is a Grand Slam to Enhance the Savviness of Women in Business!

Shirley Weis is an amazing person and an accomplished healthcare executive. What has endeared others to Shirley’s executive leadership and presence is her consistent demonstration of respect, confidence, and individualized personal and professional championship of those around her. Shirley has consummated a body of work that articulates the key business and leadership principles that are critical for every woman in business today. In her new book “Playing to Win in Business,” Shirley uses the metaphor of playing the game of tennis to highlight many common themes women experience as they navigate their careers. Shirley’s poignant leadership recommendations through her Playing to Win Principlesafford all levels of leaders an opportunity to understand the game of business as it is truly played out in organizations today. Shirley provides a common sense approach to understanding and navigating the little rules of business to mitigate the potential pitfalls and career catastrophes that are associated with not understanding how the game is actually played. Individuals reading “Playing to Win in Business,” can expect to leave with great pearls of wisdom that are easily adaptable and transferable for personal or professional use within their business affiliations and related organizations. As they say, knowledge is power and “Playing to Win in Business” provides the additional advantage women can apply to enhance their business relationships, careers, and professional networks. I highly recommend this book and encourage women, and men alike, to read this book. You will not be disappointed!

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